Airbrush Tanning FAQ's 

Houston Makeup Artistry

What makeup options do I have?
Elegant Airbrush Makeup:  This service includes a traditional eye application, where high definition products are used on the eye as well as an airbrushed face and neck.  This is a great option if you want the best of both worlds. The look of this application is slightly more subtle as false lashes are not included, but can always be added!

Traditional Makeup:  This service is all ‘traditional’ application, meaning, we use our brushes to apply the makeup to render your flawless look!

Airbrush VS Traditional…What’s the difference?
Airbrush is fantastic for all skin types and tones. It looks fabulous in person as well as on camera.  The makeup is sprayed on in a cool mist so that the makeup is now on your face in little pixels, which makes the makeup great for HD and will have you camera ready.  The makeup can be as natural or as full coverage as desired, and looks as if you have nothing on.  The airbrush makeup can cover blemishes while giving an appearance of smoother textured skin, and is highly water resistant – and lasts up to 15 hours. 

Traditional makeup is mainly a full coverage application.  We use top of the line hypoallergenic cruelty free products on our clients.  Traditional makeup lasts up to 8 hours, is full coverage, and also covers blemishes for an even looking skin tone.  The traditional makeup is also highly water resistant, but has the ability to lightly transfer - especially when tightly hugging others or during extreme sweating.

 Do I Need A Trial?
I definitely recommend our clients have a trial before the big day!  My goal is to ensure you are 100% happy with your look on your big day.  The trial is your test run to answer all questions, and then prove it! 

 If I Need to Reschedule My Trial – How Far in Advance Should I Do So?
I will need to know as soon as possible!  If there is not a notification at least 24 hours prior to the appointment time, the client will be subject to a ‘NO SHOW FEE’ of an additional $50 charged to the payment info on file.  This is noted on the Trial Application, which the client signs and submits to the artist.
Do you save my date?
Dates are not secured unless contract and payment has been received.

 Do you come to me/the event?
Absolutely!  As long as there are at least 4 people receiving services, we will travel to you.  The first 15 miles (30 miles roundtrip) are complementary.  Beyond that, it is only $25 for each additional 30 miles incurred.  The travel fee is calculated from my home studio near Kingwood, TX.  If you do not have at least 4 people receiving services, separate travel charges will be arranged for your party, or you may waive travel expenses by coming to my home studio.

My Wedding is out-of-town.  Do I still pay the normal travel fee?
Give me a call!  I can customize a special travel arrangement for you!

 Is gratuity (tip) included?
Gratuities are not included and very appreciated!

​​How long will my Airbrush Tan last?
 The Airbrush Tan will last anywhere from 7-12 days, on average. The amount of physical activity, after care, and proper preparation for the tan are all factors of how many days one can expect their tan to last.

Will I Look Orange From An Airbrush Tan?
Never. A patent pending, brown-sugar based solution derived from apples is always used at Houston Makeup Artistry. The brown sugar base ensures golden brown color eliminating all possibilities of an orange tone. Most all other solutions on the market contain beat or carrot fermented extracts, which is where the orange tones and unpleasant scent stem from. We only use the highest quality formula, which guarantees golden-brown results.

What If I Have Very Fair Skin?
 The signature formula used will react naturally with each specific skin tone, so there are no worries for fair complexions.

How long does the appointment last?
  -Most appointments last 30-45 minutes to complete.

Do I have to / Am I allowed to get nude?
  -Your privacy and preferences are a top priority.  You will be in a secluded area to prep for your appointment in the treatment room.  There you can undress to your personal preference.

What if I have sensitive skin?
  -The formula used is the Top Rated for a reason.  It is all organic. Paraben Free and will not harm your skin.       

How Do I Prepare For My Airbrush Tan?
 1.Thoroughly exfoliate and shave prior to your treatment.
 2.Avoid wearing makeup, moisturizers, and deodorant to your appointment, as this acts as a barrier to the spray and stops the color from developing properly.
 3.Wear dark colored, loose fitting clothing and sandals following your treatment.
 4.Wax and have a manicure and pedicure done BEFORE your treatment.

How Do I Maintain My Airbrush Tan?
 1.Do not shower or sweat for at least 5-7 hours following your appointment.
 2.Moisturize using a paraben-free lotion at least twice daily for a minimum of one week. Keeping moisturized will ensure an even, flawless fade.
 3.Avoid chlorinated Jacuzzis, saunas, and steam rooms.